The Creed and the Pledge

The Logosan Creed

The Logosan Creed is a concise statement of the foundational beliefs of the Logos Party. 

The Logosan Creed


In a strong democracy, I believe people vote for a candidate and not a party, citizens have independent minds, and voters study widely to be informed.


Political platforms should be built on reason; the path to progress is paved with open-mindedness, constructive criticism, and principled compromise; and the decision-making process is as important as, maybe more important than, the decisions that are made.


I believe we should learn from history, but not allow our beliefs to be imprisoned by history; democracy’s survival largely depends on each citizen protecting themselves from dogma’s subtle invasions.


I believe the path to truth is science and ruthless reason. Truth wants to be challenged, only false ideas fear criticism, and people who care about truth regularly challenge the credibility of their own beliefs, even the views in this creed.

The River of Reason Pledge

The Logos Party is a satirical political party, meaning it is not a real party that is open for membership (at least not yet). Instead, it is a blueprint that is supposed to show the real parties what a better brand of politics looks like. But I thought the party should still have a method of membership to help further show what a reason-based political party looks like.


When deciding how a person joins the Logos Party, I had two criteria: first, it had to be a simple and symbolic act that is easy to perform; and second, it had to provide a method of holding a member intellectually accountable. I decided that the “River of Reason Pledge” accomplished both. 

The River of Reason Pledge


I, (your name), pledge that I will forever allow the River of Reason to flow through my mind and never block the river with a Dam of Dogma. If any of my beliefs are untrue, no matter how painful the loss, I want them washed over False Theory Falls and out of my mind.

As a member of the Logos Party, my platform will be built on the Rules of Reason and the Pillars of Progress. I will have the courage to expose dogma in other members and myself, and humble enough to listen if others find dogma in me.

Besides flowing from ancient Athens to the present, the River of Reason also runs through the mind of every enlightened person. Like a raging river that never stops flowing, a mind with reason flowing through it never stops challenging every idea, even ideas that appear to be convincingly confirmed as truth. 

Every idea vying to be the truth travels along Theory Trail up to the river. Then, each theory tries to swim across to be confirmed as truth. If the theory makes it across the river, it is the truth. If a theory is the truth, but not yet proven, then it can tread in the river, but it cannot swim across. If it is not the truth, then it is eventually washed downriver over False Theory Falls. 

Like a river trying to cleanse itself of pollutants, the River of Reason is constantly cleansing the mind of dogma and false ideas. In contrast to the cleansing powers of the River of Reason, a mind controlled by dogma is like a stagnant polluted lake that uses the Dam of Dogma to trap in bad information. It is unable to cleanse itself because there is no movement, no continuous challenging of ideas, especially one’s own. 

If a theory makes it across the river and is confirmed as truth, it can grab the riverbank, but it is not allowed to pull itself out of the river. Lions of logic patrol the riverbank, ensuring no truth climbs out. This way, truth forever feels the resistance of the river, allowing more insight to always be pulled from that truth. 

To become a Logosan, a Logos Party member, you raise your right hand and recite the River of Reason Pledge. If the party was open for membership, you would have to video record yourself taking the pledge and submit it to the party for record to verify that you took it. 

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