Part One: Add Your Name

Doctor Democracy's 2020 REASONwithREASON Challenge is a commitment to resist having partisan dogma-versus-dogma political arguments and instead have open-minded reason-with-reason political talks in 2020.


Dogma's purpose is to protect our opinions from changing, even if our opinions are false.  Reason's purpose is to get us to truth, which requires having a mind that is open to being changed in case what we believe is false.  So in a reason-with-reason political talk everyone rejects certainty, admits that they could be wrong, welcomes their beliefs being challenged, and have minds that are open to being changed.


Take the challenge and add your name to the list.  You will receive a monthly reminder email for the rest of 2020 to have reason-with-reason talks in 2020.  By taking the challenge you will also receive a free copy of the book The Logos Party: Doctor Democracy’s Remedy for Improving Political Dialogue in your welcome email. 

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Take the Challenge

Part Two: Create a video taking the challenge with someone you have political disagreements

Find someone with whom you have political disagreements and film a short video stating one or more issues on which you disagree.  Then declare that you accept Doctor Democracy's 2020 REASONwithREASON Challenge.  Post a link of the video on the challenges Facebook page.