About the Founder

My name is Dustin Ross Lawson. One of my favorite books, George Orwell’s novel 1984, opens with the main character, Winston Smith, committing an act of rebellion against the totalitarian state of INGSOC (English Socialism) – a regime that seeks to control every aspect of its people’s lives, even their thoughts – by opening a journal and, for the first time, writing down his own thoughts. The day of that first journal entry was April 4, 1984. I was born the day before on April 3, 1984. For me, it is symbolic that I was born the day before the opening of Orwell’s novel because the regime of Oceania is the epitome of almost everything the Logos Party stands against. I like to think that maybe on the day I was born Winston Smith was struggling over whether or not to cross his Rubicon River and rebel.

I grew up in rural Ohio. In elementary school, junior high and high school I played sports and enjoyed art. At age 15 I found one of my greatest loves when I began working as a lion and tiger trainer at the Siberian Tiger Foundation. I worked that job for eight years throughout high school and college.

I have an undergrad degree in religion and a masters in global politics. Between college and grad school, I spent a year traveling across North America, parts of the Middle East and Europe as the assistant to the author and speaker, Josh McDowell.

In 2005, during my junior year of college, I survived cancer. In 2010, after five and a half years of being rejected because of my history of cancer, the military let me in. I have served the last six years as a public affairs officer. I have deployed on missions in Peru, Kosovo and Puerto Rico. I am also the author of seven mediocre books.

Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo (2017) The United States military does not endorse the Logos Party.

Josh McDowell, me and the road team standing in front of the tour bus (2007).

This is one of my high school senior pictures. That is Nikita, a 750 pound Siberian Tiger (2002). 

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